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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hello, meet Efiewura of Kumasi radio

Many Ghanaians may be wanting to know who is that humorous voice behind those radio and television commercials, advertising almost all the Ghanaian movies these days.
The commercial are always in Fante and almost always narrates parts of the plot of the movies, paints vivid scenarios and end by urging listeners to go and find the “Veee Ceee Deee” (VCD).
Well for those of you who don’t know, the man behind it is Kwame Dzokoto, a.k.a. “Efiewura”, a popular radio presenter in Kumasi and a film actor as well. Coincidentally, he is an actor in the television soap, “Efiewura”, but that has nothing to do with his nick name. In the Efiewura soap, he is known as Lawyer Kabou from the “Apoto ayowa” Chambers and married to Benyiwa, the fat woman with the famous “buttocks”.
In Kumasi where he is a radio presenter at Hello FM, he is popularly noted by one of his signature jingles, made with that same tiny engineered voice which stretches his name as “Efiewura eeeiiiii”.
Hello FM is undoubtedly one of the most listened to radio stations in the Garden City and the entire Ashanti region and it is no wonder that one of the people behind the success of the station is Kwame Dzokoto, who is Programmes Manager of the station and the host of Kwanso bre bre programme aired from 3pm to 6pm each working day.
Kwanso bre bre is a magazine programme which entails motivational messages and music. With Kumasi being a business hub of the country where many traders in the country converge, Dzokoto’s programme is aimed at giving motivational messages especially to traders who were unable to make good sales in the day, encouraging them not to give up but look up for another day.
The first part of the programme is where he does most of the talking which cuts across targeting both the youth and the elderly and he play gospel music as well. The second half entails playing secular music with tit bits on sports from his sports crew, as well as “Kanawu” special, where he discusses social issues with Kwaku Adusei, a social commentator.
The programme is interspersed with jokes and Dzokoto is indeed very humorous on air, getting listeners glued to the station. It is with that same humour that he has extended to doing the radio and television commercials advertising the Ghanaian movies.
Hitherto, many radio and television commercials advertising Ghanaian movies were seen as not making the films catchy enough. But Dzokoto’s entrance has indeed helped moved radio marketing for the movies to a new pedestal. He has his voice on about 90 percent of the commercials and his sound engineer is Nana Otou Gyandour of Skyy Power Radio in Takoradi.
What is your secret behind the monopoly for all the commercials? The Graphic Showbiz asked Dzokoto in an interview in Kumasi.
“Well, I did one commercial for Miracle Films sometime back, and he followed it with another and another. Before I could say jack almost every film maker was rushing to me to do the jingle for them. Many of the Ghanaian movies are produced in Kumasi so it is not easy for them to find me. But some people from Accra also come to me.”
As to how he is able to do the job very well for other producers to rush to him, Dzokoto said his secret was his advantage as an actor since he is able to put himself in the film and narrate it.
He said some even just call him and narrate the story line on telephone and before they could say jack, he is ready with the work.
He explained that it is common for people to tune off a radio station the moment commercials start playing so he tries to introduce his commercials with humour in order to get attention.
“I was introduced to radio commercials by Mr Wilson Arthur, owner of Skyy Power Radio in Takoradi, who after listening to me on Dynamite FM in Tarkwa, drove to the station and asked to speak to me. He ended up poaching me to work with him at Skyy Power in Takoradi”.
Dzokoto explained, he ended up in radio as an “accident”. “
“Well you see, I attended a programme at Takoradi and the MC was late so my colleagues some of whom worked with Dynamite FM asked me to stand in for the MC to which I executed the job perfectly”.
He explained his friends advised that he could do better in radio so he was allowed to read announcements on air in Fanti. Significantly, Dynamite FM which was an English speaking radio station on the campus of the Tarkwa School of Mines was then turning to the local language so as to be able to get outside the university community to the local one.
“So that explains how I got into radio in 1998” Dzokoto said.
Whiles at Dynamite, Mr Wilson Arthur, owner of Skyy Power Radio who was then driving through Tarkwa on a mission of trying to extend his airwaves from Takoradi to the area, heard Dzokoto on air and fell in love with his style.
“Mr Arthur approached me at Dynamite and asked that I moved with him to Takoradi to work at Skyy. I was initially hesitant, since I found it difficult moving away from my mother’s side at Tarkwa to Takoradi. But he came back and moved me to Takoradi at a time I had worked with Dynamite for about three years”.
He introduced me to radio advertisement and guided me with both positive and negative criticisms. “I owe a lot to him because he schooled me very well to become what I am today in the industry”.
Dzokoto shot to fame in Takoradi where he worked with Skyy Power for about four years. He handled the mid-morning programme but what really shot him to fame was the Saturday morning programme, “Ade akye abia”, which attracted many listeners in Takoradi because of his jokes and humour.
Unfortunately for Takoradi listeners, and fortunately for Kumasi people, Mr Kwame Despite poached Dzokoto to Kumasi at the onset of Hello FM at a time, Dzokoto had just married his wife, Christina.
But he had to move to Kumasi by all means, because, the offer on the table at Hello was “big”. His switch to Kumasi then was the second time in his entire life that he was visiting the Garden City.
Dzokoto, whose wife just gave birth to a boy is in his mid 30s and was born at Abease in Sekondi to Mr Moses Dzokoto, a retired railway worker and Madam Mercy Oppong, a businesswoman. He attended Queen Elizabeth Day Care in Takoradi and moved to Tarkwa with his mum who was then on transfer there. He continued school at Gogoe Memorial Preparatory, Tarkwa Secondary School then to Cape Coast Polytechnic where he pursued a course in Mechanical Engineering, but did not complete.
He claimed he always wanted to be a seaman since most his uncles where seamen but did not have qualification. So he decided to go for a certificate at the Nautica College at Nungua in Accra before becoming a seaman, but it was during one of his school’s recess that he found himself entering radio and finding radio interesting, he decided to abandon his dream of becoming a seaman.
Dzokoto claims he would wish an improvement in the film industry for actors to be paid well. Besides he enjoys radio work so much.

After weeks of accusations Esther Smith's dad says: Get Out! To a 'wrong' husband

After accusations and counter accusations of infidelity, the four-year marriage of gospel diva, Esther Smith to Reverend Kwame Ahenkan Bonsu has been customarily dissolved.
The couple who have three children between them have been hurling accusations at each other for some time now. While the husband accused Esther of flirting with another man, Esther has also accused the husband of abusing her by beating her on numerous occasions as well as flirting with their house help.
Confirming the divorce, Mr Anthony Smith, father of Esther Smith told Graphic Showbiz in Kumasi that he is happy the marriage has ended. “I never supported that marriage from day one. I knew from day one that, that guy was not going to be a good husband for my daughter hence I opposed the marriage”.
“I saw him as a gold digger who was only in to rip Esther of her wealth. So I did not give them my blessing neither did I sanction the marriage. I also did not attend the wedding. My opposition to that marriage even cost me my wife, who divorced me”, he said.
Esther Smith gave birth to her third born in March this year in Germany, and according to her father, she went through complications as a result of beatings from the husband during pregnancy. He claimed the baby was still in an incubator since it was born prematurely and the doctors say, they would have to do surgery on the heart.
However, Rev Bonsu claimed he suspected he was not the father of the baby and even doubts the paternity of all his two other children with Esther.
There was news in the media last week that gospel music star, Esther Smith had separated from her husband of four years, a Kumasi based pastor, Reverend Kwame Ahenkan Bonsu with whom they have three children.
Esther Smith is currently in Germany and has not spoken publicly on the issue locally but there are reports of counter accusations of infidelity against each of them.
Recounting why he opposed the marriage, Mr Anthony Smith who is into the printing press business in Kumasi said he used to work with Esther in the same printing press until misunderstanding ensued between them over her decision to marry Rev Bonsu.
Somewhere in 2003 getting closer to Christmas, the Rev Ahenkan Bonsu came to our workplace to print some posters. He introduced himself as a promoter of gospel music and expressed interest in wanting to work with Esther.
“I did not like the sound of his sudden interest but there was little I could do. Three days later he came back and said he wanted to take Esther to Prestea to do some performances at a show”.
Mr Smith said the two of them left for Prestea and Akwatia later, Esther came back and showed him a small stone, which looked like gold and told him that Bonsu had given it to her as a present.
“I told my daughter to return that gift immediately since it was a juju which was going to cast a spell on her for her to follow that guy but she refused to listen to my call. I assumed the spell was already in motion”.
From then on Esther became so fond of him and turned against me and refused to listen to my advice to stay away from Bonsu.
“I told her that guy was a gold digger and was only in to rip her of her money and was not a gentleman as he portrayed to be, but my daughter refused to listen to me”.
“Bonsu said he was a pastor but there were few times that I smelled alcohol in his breath and there were some guys who also told me he was their drinking mate. I told Esther all this but she would not listen”.
Mr Smith said Esther’s mother also jumped in support of the relationship and within a short while, Esther came to tell him that Bonsu wanted to marry her.
“I refused to give them my blessing and my wife decided to divorce me on that score. She returned my ring to me and went ahead to receive Esther’s dowry with the support of her family members and went ahead to do the wedding”.
“I had to part ways with my daughter on that score and for the past four years we have not been on good terms and I tried as much as I could not to let the public know about this problem until now”.
Mr Smith said that even though he had been informed that Esther was having problems with the marriage and that the husband was a wife beater, he tried as much as he could not to meddle in the affairs.
He said at one point he nearly decided to interfere so as to bring in the police but upon a second thought, he stopped because he was not sure if he was going to get Esther’s support.
He said it was only recently that Esther phoned to tell him that the husband had been molesting her and she wanted to quit the marriage and that she wanted to tell the father about it all this while but she did not know how to go about it because of the circumstances surrounding the marriage.
He said when Esther gave birth in March this year in Germany, she phoned him and said she has had some complications as a result of beatings from the husband and the doctors said they needed to undertake surgery on the baby.
Mr Smith said her daughter has since apologised to him explaining that she now realised that she was under the “spell” of the husband who tried to create disaffection between her and the father.
He claimed Esther’s mother has also apologised to him as of now.
“I am happy the marriage has been broken now”, he said.
He accused Rev Bonsu of rushing to the media in an attempt to tarnish Esther’s image knowing very well that he has no case and can no more enjoy from Esther’s riches now that they are divorced.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Justice for All Programme extended to Ashanti

The Justice for All Programme initiated by the Attorney General’s Department to help expedite justice on the cases of remand prisoners has been extended to the Ashanti Region. The programme was introduced in September last year and piloted at the James Fort Prisons in Accra and at the Nsawam Prisons to help speed up justice on remand cases in the wake of massive congestion in the country’s prisons and delays in handling remand cases. It was targeted at people who had spent a considerable period on remand, and for minor crimes. Mr Joe Ghartey, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, at a familiarisation tour of the Kumasi Prisons today (Tuesday), said the programme was being extended to the Kumasi Central and Female Prisons. There are presently 614 remand and trial prisoners at the Kumasi Central Prisons, and 16 at the Female Prisons. There is a major problem of overcrowding especially at the remand block where the inmates sleep in shifts. According to the prisons authorities, this had led to most of the inmates developing swollen feet and other health problems associated with overcrowding. Mr Ghartey said the Justice for All programme was aimed at speedy adjudication of cases in a bid to reduce overcrowding in the prisons. He said his outfit was only trying to ensure that the trials were expedited and those found guilty convicted hence people should not misconstrue it to mean that the AG was going about releasing prisoners. The Attorney General said the Justice for All programme was not meant to free prisoners en mass but to make it possible for the prisoners to share the little space available.
He said the pilot phase of the programme was very successful, adding that the Ghana Bar Association had been involved to try and get lawyers to do pro bono cases.

Pro bono is a situation where lawyers render legal services free of charge. He said beginning next week, the Legal Aid Department would begin interviewing the remand prisoners to be able to get counsels for them and that the Chief Justice would create a court at the prisons in a month’s time for them to be tried.

That he, said would facilitate the process of truly speedily dispensing justice. Accompanied by Mr Richard Quayson, a Deputy Commissioner at the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mr Ghartey advised the remand prisoners to be of good behaviour so that when they manage to find their ways out of the prisons, they don’t end up being sent there again. At the Female Prisons, the Attorney General was touched by the story of a 17-year-old girl, Elizabeth Zong, a native of Bolgatanga whom had been convicted because prosecutors gave her age in court as 19-years. She has since spent three months of the sentence. She was sentenced to 18months in prison because a complainant, whom she transacted business with accused her of defrauding her of GH¢30. She claimed the complainant gave her goods to sell with the anticipation of reaping GH¢70 but she was able to realise only GH¢40. This she said did not go down well with the complainant who accused her of stealing the GH¢30 hence she was taken to court, convicted and sentenced accordingly. Mr Ghartey offered to pay the GH¢30 on behalf of the young girl and said the Justice for All Programme would take up the girl’s case and ensure that she was freed. Briefing the Minister of Justice, Mr Ambrosse I. Salifu, Ashanti Regional Commander of the Prisons Service said the Kumasi Central Prison alone currently has 1817 inmates in the facility, which was built to cater for only 800 inmates. He said the overcrowding at the prisons was mainly due to the delay in trying the remand prisoners. He said some of the remand prisoners have spent 11years in custody and are still waiting to be tried. The Commander said another problem facing the Prisons was the refusal of the Police to take sick remand prisoners to seek medical attention. “We are always compelled to guard those who are admitted at the hospital in uniform even though they have not been convicted”, he said. He said remand prisons with expired warrant were abound in the prisons and that monthly returns on them are sent to the Police and copied to AG’s outfit for action. He therefore appealed to the AG to liaise with the Chief Justice and the courts to speed up the trials of remand prisoners to help ease overcrowding problem currently facing the prisons.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Asantehene bans use of academic titles in addition to chiefstaincy titles in Asanteman

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has banned the use of academic titles by chiefs in his domain.
He said the practice, which have some chiefs with stool names like “Nana Dr, and Nana Professor” was against the custom and tradition of Asanteman and could therefore not be entertained any longer.
At a meeting of the Asanteman Council at the Manhyia Palace on Monday, the Asantehene tasked the standing committee of the Asanteman Council, which include paramount chiefs like the Mamponghene from the Ashanti Region and the Nkoranzahene from the Brong Ahafo Region, to work out the details of the decision to serve as a guide for the future.
The decision covers all chiefs within the Ashanti region, as well as those in the Brong Ahafo region and the Volta region who owe allegiance to the golden stool.
Otumfuo noted that the use of “big titles” did not make one a good chief and said, the time had had come for Nananom to make the stools they occupied looked traditional.
He also spoke against the wearing of suits by chiefs when attending important functions where they were expected to showcase their status as chiefs.
The Asantehene asked queens to desist from “selling” stools to unqualified people, stressing this had the tendency to bring about chieftaincy disputes. While advising the queens, Otumfuo also warned people who want to buy their way through to occupy stools, saying they should know that they would be exposed one day.
He said the world had changed and any chief, who was unable to lead his people to fight poverty, disease and ignorance, which were enemies of development, could not claim to worth his position.
The Asantehene said he had persistently drummed home the fact that chiefs who engaged in indiscriminate sale of lands would be doing his people a great disservice and noted that posterity would not forgive such chiefs.
He challenged Nananom to let truth be their guide so that they would win the trust of their people.
The Asantehene asked chiefs who owe allegiance to the golden stool to have time for activities at Manhyia.
“You swore an oath to serve the golden stool come rain or shine, and you cannot turn against this pledge”, he said.
Otumfuo announced that the Kabaka of Uganda, one of the respected kings on the continent would be celebrating Akwasidae with him at the Manhyia palace on Sunday.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Politics in the NPP in Kumasi

This week has been hectic for political pundits in Kumasi. The NPP was holding primaries to elect parliamentary candidates who would represent the party in the various constituencies in the metropolis. There was really some shockers as persons widely tipped to win the contest failed in their bids to become parliamentarians.
The biggest shockers were at Subin and Manhyia where Mr George Ayisi-Boateng, a founder member of the NPP and Mr Osei Assibey Antwi, Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister lost to Mr Isaac Osei, Cocobod Chief Executive and Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh respectively.

The Chief Executive of Cocobod, Isaac Osei, on Wednesday won the Subin constituency primaries of the NPP, when he polled 52 votes to beat two other contestants, Mr Eugene Antwi and Mr Ayisi-Boateng, in an election supervised by the Electoral Commission (E.C)
Whiles Mr Antwi obtained 34 votes Mr Ayisi-Boateng also got 18.
Mr Osei called on all the party members in the constituency to unite and work as a team to retain the seat
Mr Antwi and Mr Ayisi-Boateng also pledged to rally behind Mr Osei so as to maintain the seat for the NPP in the 2008
The election was nearly marred as it came twice that some
People were allegedly sharing monies at the congress.
At Kwadaso, Madam Josephine Hilda Addo the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) had a shock of her life as Dr Owusu-Afriyie-Akoto, Chairman of the Manifesto committee of the NPP who had 42 and Madam Addo, 30, defeated him. The third contestant Mr Alex Abel Adusei, deputy Executive Secretary of Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC)
The Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr Ossei-Assibey Antwi was also defeated by Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh, a Medical Officer 82 against 43

Hello!, Bobie on air

This guy is prolific in the Akan language. He is the anchor of Akan news at Hello FM in Kumasi and above all very humorous on air.
He calls himself Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah and in all sincerity, he is unquestionably one of the finest twi news casters and presenters on the airwaves in the Ashanti region.
He is an amusing presenter Kumasi has known in recent years.
He works with Hello FM and aside twi news cast, he is the stop gap morning show host when the main anchor man, Tweneboa Kodua (TK) is not around.
He also host Saturday morning’s political talk show ”Akoko Abon” which is aired on Hello FM in Kumasi and Peace FM in Accra and all other affiliate stations of Peace FM.
Bobie, studied Akan langauge in school at the ‘O’ Levels but says that has no bearing with his proficiency in the language.
“I see it as my mother tongue and the vocabulary flows on my lips as soon as I sit behind the microphone”, he said in an interview with the Graphic Showbiz in Kumasi.
“I sometimes find it very difficult to understand some of the words I use on air when I sit down to reflect over them after listening to myself on tape but surprisingly, upon consultations, I get to realise that those fit perfectly”.
Undoubtedly, he has been able to use his frolics, comedy and his flowery Akan language to pull many listeners to Hello FM, ever since he joined the station from Peace FM.
He has been instrumental in making Hello Akan news one of the most listened to in Kumasi and the entire coverage area.
But some people object vehemently to his usage of proverbs in news items, playing with words on air and thinks he embellishes news items a lot when presenting them.
Responding to that, Bobie said he appreciates criticisms very much, since it helps to straighten up peoples’ lives.
“I am happy listeners have been pointing out my mistakes to me and I appreciate that so much”.
He claims he was inspired by Komla Dumlor’s style of radio presentation which attracted him to enter the radio business.
“I felt there was something missing in peoples’ social lives and felt the urge to be on air to help them fill that vacuum”.
He entered the radio industry in year 2000 at Mighty FM at Asante Mampong as a gospel presenter, where he played music and conducted religious morning devotions on air.
He worked for one year and moved to Meridian FM in Tema, where he worked for only eight months and moved back to Mighty FM at Mampong.
He was poached by Luv FM in Kumasi in 2004 where he worked for two years and moved on to Peace FM/Hello FM in 2006.
Bobie holds a Diploma in Theology from the Shiloh Bible College in Kumasi. He spent his entire childhood days at Asante Mampong, his hometown where he schooled.
His ambition is to seek peace for all humanity which he claims had culminated in his formation of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Ghana Youth for Peace Association.
Kwabena feels many private radio station owners especially in Kumasi have not been doing much for their workers in terms of in house training and that is one of the things he would prefer to be changed.

Kumasi film actors are shocked over Kwame Owusu Ansah's death

“We have been devastated with the news of Owusu Ansah’s death”, this is how some players in the film industry in Kumasi have summed up their feelings about Kwame Owusu Ansah’s sudden death in a song.
The players are Evander Kwame Agyeman, a cameraman with Miracle Films and No Limit Entertainment, Nana Ama McBrown, Cornelius Phanthomas of Revelle Films, Yaw Owusu Ansah, a soundtrack engineer and Samuel Owusu Asare, an editor.
The dirge talks about how the actors feel about Owusu Ansah’s demise as they take turns to express their feelings and pain in the song.
Evander told the Graphic Showbiz in Kumasi that the idea of the song was spontaneous upon hearing about Kwame’s death.
“We were on a film set in Kumasi on Thursday night when news filtered in that Kwame had been involved in an accident”.
“Everybody on the set was shocked and we had to stop shooting. We reassembled the following day and heard he was in a coma in the morning but later received the unfortunate news in the afternoon”.
He said it was really a shocker for them as everybody on the set broke into tears. It was during the grief that Cornelius suggested that we team up to express our feelings and pain in a song”, he said.
Nana Ama McBrown refers to Kwame in the song as a senior brother and calls him “Braa Kwame”. She described the death as too sudden and said he would always be remembered.
Evander on his part said it was a great loss to them. “Personally Kwame was a brother to me. I took lots of inspiration from him”.
When contacted Naana Hayford, also a Kumasi based actor on her part said she was shocked upon hearing the news. “I was extremely shocked”, she said.
She described Kwame as a person who was full of inspiration especially on a film set and said he would be greatly remembered for his encouragement to fellow actors and choice of the phrase, “be bold”.
“Honestly, his demise has created a big vacuum”, she said.
She said they least expected a thing of that sort to happen to Kwame for them to lose his soul in a jiffy.
“But we are consoled by the fact that God in his own wisdom give life and take life. Our prayer is that God would keep Kwame’s soul in his bosom till we meet again”.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Anita in Luv

One of the current most popular female voices on Kumasi’s airwaves is that of Anita Akua Kyerewaa Kuma, the only lady presenter at Luv FM.
Luv FM is a male dominated area in terms of presenters and Anita says she is very comfortable and does not even feel it since she is rubbing shoulders with the guys on equal grounds.
She handles the Metropolitan Mix, aired between 10am and 12pm and Lunch Time Rhythms from 12:30pm to 2pm each working day (Monday–Friday).
The programmes are all about playing music and talking about interesting subjects. She sometimes generates discussions on interesting issues and allows phone-ins for listeners to contribute in what she terms, “Metro Talk”.
The young lady is very much happy about her job and has carved a niche for herself with her selection of songs especially on lunch time rhythms for the relaxation of listeners, especially those under stress at work.
Though her colleagues, in the persons of Nanabanyin Anumel, Delali Atiase, Sampson Lardi, David Akuetteh and Kofi Adu Domfeh on numerous occasions tries to make fun of her on air accusing her of being narrow-minded on political issues, she seems not bothered about it and feels comfortable working with the guys.
She claims she sees her programme as both fun and challenging since her greatest difficulty is making the programme constantly interesting so as to be able to hold on to listenership.
This is because Kumasi is noted as a football loving city and most sports programmes are aired at the same time that Anita is on air.
“This means I have to try as much as possible as I can to make the programme interesting so as to hold on to my listeners”, Anita told the Graphic Showbiz.
The young lady entered the radio industry in 2003 whiles pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Building Technology at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).
Presenting programmes on radio was then a hobby for her on Focus FM, a campus based radio station which served the university community. But she saw herself hooking on to Luv FM after school during her national service.
It all began with Luv FM getting in touch with her in a search for a lady presenter. “I was told they were looking for a lady presenter and they contacted me”.
“I started playing in the evenings at Luv FM and before I was aware I was playing in the afternoon. I continued working there in my final year at KNUST and even did my national service there and was taken on full time after the service”.
Anita is a product of the University Primary School in Kumasi from where she proceeded to Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast then to the KNUST.
She said her greatest ambition was to become a Public Relations Director in a big company. “I love public relations and I’m thinking about going into it”.
Anita is single, without a boyfriend and says she is neither searching for one. At least for now.
“My favourite dish is red red and beans (fried plantain and baked beans). I hate pineapple”.
Anita is a native of Kete Krachi in the Volta region where her late father hailed from and is the ninth born of a family of 13. She does not prefer to go public with her age and says she adore her mum, Victoria Boatemaa, a native of Gyinase near Kumasi very much.
She shares same birthday with the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II (May 6).
According her, Ghanaian musicians should aim high, targeting the international market instead of focusing only on the local market. She is in love with the music of Becca and Samini.
She describes herself as an interesting personality and does not like Ghanaian films. “I am not encouraged to watch them because the story lines are very predictable. There is still more room for improvement in that industry”.
“I like people who are ambitious and hope to achieve my aim of becoming a PR person in a big company someday”.