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Thursday, May 29, 2008

After weeks of accusations Esther Smith's dad says: Get Out! To a 'wrong' husband

After accusations and counter accusations of infidelity, the four-year marriage of gospel diva, Esther Smith to Reverend Kwame Ahenkan Bonsu has been customarily dissolved.
The couple who have three children between them have been hurling accusations at each other for some time now. While the husband accused Esther of flirting with another man, Esther has also accused the husband of abusing her by beating her on numerous occasions as well as flirting with their house help.
Confirming the divorce, Mr Anthony Smith, father of Esther Smith told Graphic Showbiz in Kumasi that he is happy the marriage has ended. “I never supported that marriage from day one. I knew from day one that, that guy was not going to be a good husband for my daughter hence I opposed the marriage”.
“I saw him as a gold digger who was only in to rip Esther of her wealth. So I did not give them my blessing neither did I sanction the marriage. I also did not attend the wedding. My opposition to that marriage even cost me my wife, who divorced me”, he said.
Esther Smith gave birth to her third born in March this year in Germany, and according to her father, she went through complications as a result of beatings from the husband during pregnancy. He claimed the baby was still in an incubator since it was born prematurely and the doctors say, they would have to do surgery on the heart.
However, Rev Bonsu claimed he suspected he was not the father of the baby and even doubts the paternity of all his two other children with Esther.
There was news in the media last week that gospel music star, Esther Smith had separated from her husband of four years, a Kumasi based pastor, Reverend Kwame Ahenkan Bonsu with whom they have three children.
Esther Smith is currently in Germany and has not spoken publicly on the issue locally but there are reports of counter accusations of infidelity against each of them.
Recounting why he opposed the marriage, Mr Anthony Smith who is into the printing press business in Kumasi said he used to work with Esther in the same printing press until misunderstanding ensued between them over her decision to marry Rev Bonsu.
Somewhere in 2003 getting closer to Christmas, the Rev Ahenkan Bonsu came to our workplace to print some posters. He introduced himself as a promoter of gospel music and expressed interest in wanting to work with Esther.
“I did not like the sound of his sudden interest but there was little I could do. Three days later he came back and said he wanted to take Esther to Prestea to do some performances at a show”.
Mr Smith said the two of them left for Prestea and Akwatia later, Esther came back and showed him a small stone, which looked like gold and told him that Bonsu had given it to her as a present.
“I told my daughter to return that gift immediately since it was a juju which was going to cast a spell on her for her to follow that guy but she refused to listen to my call. I assumed the spell was already in motion”.
From then on Esther became so fond of him and turned against me and refused to listen to my advice to stay away from Bonsu.
“I told her that guy was a gold digger and was only in to rip her of her money and was not a gentleman as he portrayed to be, but my daughter refused to listen to me”.
“Bonsu said he was a pastor but there were few times that I smelled alcohol in his breath and there were some guys who also told me he was their drinking mate. I told Esther all this but she would not listen”.
Mr Smith said Esther’s mother also jumped in support of the relationship and within a short while, Esther came to tell him that Bonsu wanted to marry her.
“I refused to give them my blessing and my wife decided to divorce me on that score. She returned my ring to me and went ahead to receive Esther’s dowry with the support of her family members and went ahead to do the wedding”.
“I had to part ways with my daughter on that score and for the past four years we have not been on good terms and I tried as much as I could not to let the public know about this problem until now”.
Mr Smith said that even though he had been informed that Esther was having problems with the marriage and that the husband was a wife beater, he tried as much as he could not to meddle in the affairs.
He said at one point he nearly decided to interfere so as to bring in the police but upon a second thought, he stopped because he was not sure if he was going to get Esther’s support.
He said it was only recently that Esther phoned to tell him that the husband had been molesting her and she wanted to quit the marriage and that she wanted to tell the father about it all this while but she did not know how to go about it because of the circumstances surrounding the marriage.
He said when Esther gave birth in March this year in Germany, she phoned him and said she has had some complications as a result of beatings from the husband and the doctors said they needed to undertake surgery on the baby.
Mr Smith said her daughter has since apologised to him explaining that she now realised that she was under the “spell” of the husband who tried to create disaffection between her and the father.
He claimed Esther’s mother has also apologised to him as of now.
“I am happy the marriage has been broken now”, he said.
He accused Rev Bonsu of rushing to the media in an attempt to tarnish Esther’s image knowing very well that he has no case and can no more enjoy from Esther’s riches now that they are divorced.

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