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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Radio Xtacy focuses on urban entertainment

A new radio station, intended to focus mainly on urban entertainment is set to be launched in Kumasi.
Radio Xtacy, is how the owners have christened the new station which was currently playing test transmission on the 94.5mhz, which used to be known as Kesewaa Radio.
Kesewaa Radio has undergone a revamp with the name changed to Radio Xtacy as the whole station has been dissolved with the entire management team changed.
Ownership however is still in the name of Mr Ofosu Agyarko of Iron Birds.
This comes to three, the number of times that the 94.5mhz radio station has changed names. It started as Kess Radio before becoming Kesesewaa and now Xtacy.
As expected the radio scene is already witnessing the poaching of “highly rated” presenters from already existing radio stations to beef up the human resource base of Radio Xtacy.
Sources within the new station would not confirm this but names like, Billy Ocean of Peace FM, who is regarded as a “highly-respected” disc jockey and a radio presenter with many years experience as well as Magic Sam of Fox FM, also a renowned night club DJ at The Fox Trap Night Club are the names doing the rounds as possible names on the pay roll of the new Radio Xtacy.
Others are Lexis Bill of Kapital Radio, one of the finest urban DJs in Kumasi as well as Andy Kirn, a renowned DJ and radio consultant who have had stints with Kapital Radio and Luv FM during their early days.
The name of DJ Andy Dosty of Angel FM who will try to overturn things in favour of the new station has also cropped up.
Information gathered by the Graphic Showbiz indicated that negotiations were still underway to get these top DJs to work for the new station.
If the deal with Billy Ocean also known as Afrafrahene goes through, then the mix master of either visual audio or audio would be back to the Garden City, where he started it all to do his Afrafra thing.
Billy is really a Don, when it comes to selection, mixes, playing of music and knows what to play at a particular time.
Lexis Bill and Magic Sam are equally good disc jockeys whose inclusion at Radio Xtacy would bring on board more listeners since they are fine DJs who know when to play what and their dexterity is second to none in the Garden city.
With the test transmission of the new station currently running, Kumasi was set to enjoy the best of urban radio and entertainment as the competition to survive intensifies.
Andy Kirn, who was playing a very instrumental role in the setting up of the new station, told the Graphic Showbiz that the new station would be officially launched on January 30, 2009.
This, he said would be culminated with a float through the principal streets of Kumasi and a pool party.
He said the test transmission which started on January 1 was expected to end on January 31 for full programming to start February 1, 2009.
“Our station is going to be all about entertainment. We would be organising a number of events so as to give listeners an opportunity to have fun, apart from the normal night clubbing and funerals”.
“We would be having the normal thing like the morning shows and the others but would ensure that entertainment would dominate. If even it had to do with politics, we would be looking at the entertainment angle”, he said.
Andy Kirn explained that the radio station had to be revamped because, Kesewaa was not doing well on expectations and that it even got to a point where the owners wanted to dispose it off completely.
“Now some of us have come on board and we are changing the style for a mass urban entertainment radio for discerning listeners”, he said.
“When it comes to entertainment radio, we don’t see any competitors in Kumasi as of now and we want to fill that vacuum”, he said.
Whatever the case is, listeners are waiting to see if there would be any significant change in the airwaves with respect to programming since some stations made serious impacts during their various test transmissions but less is being heard of them of late.