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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


LAST Friday the Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr Samuel Enin, was callously shot and killed under inexplicable circumstances in Kumasi.
We are not sure of what might have prompted the perpetrators of the heinous crime to do it and we do not want to believe that it is because of his work as a journalist that might have offended someone who decided to take a revenge on him.
Even though indications are that Enin had political ambitions and wanted to become a District Chief Executive or Member of Parliament for his constituency, we do not think that should be grounds for his murder. As a Ghanaian, Enin had an inalienable right to stand or contest any public office for which he qualified.
We do not want to jump to any conclusion but we join the Ashanti regional branch of the GJA in calling for a speedy investigation into the cause of the dastardly act.
Journalists by their work are expected to expose ills in society and inform the public about events that take place every day.
We are servants of the people and we exercise our function to serve as a bridge between rulers and the ruled and in the discharge of their duties , they might step on the toes of some other people.
Assuming that Enin did that, it was expected that the offender would resort to the options available and allow the rule of law to take its course.
Journalists should not lose their lives because their assailants have the power to do that. Intolerance should not blind any right thinking people to the extent that they would want to take the life of any one who might disagree with us on any issue.
We must have big hearts to absorb some of the unpalatable things others may say about us. But when we feel strongly about any baseless and disparaging remark that anybody might have made against us, we do not have to take the law into our hands and kill the person.
It is important that our compatriots come to appreciate that we are not in a jungle but live in a period where the rule of law allows the institutions to work.
We are confident that the police would rise up to the occasion and bring the murderers to book because journalists do not want to be targeted and murdered by miscreants and deviants.
We express our profound condolence to the bereaved family of Enin at this time when they are going through a lot of pain.

Komfo Anokye Hospital successfully carries out 1st major surgery to treat a patient with bladder abnormality

THE Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) has successfully carried out its first major surgery to treat a patient with bladder abnormality.
A seven member team of Urologists from the International Volunteers in Urology (IVU) from the United States, led by Dr Bob Hiep Nguyen, together with their Ghanaian counterparts led by Dr Ken Aboah, Head of the Urology Unit at KATH successfully carried out the surgery which involved the complete removal of the patient’s bladder and the creation of a new one using the patient’s small intestines.
The KATH story followed an earlier one carried out by the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital a few days ago on a bladder cancer patient, giving hope to other patients with such condition.
While that of the Korle Bu Hospital was done on a 35-year-old woman, that of KATH was done on a 12-year-old girl.
Hitherto, the patient as well as others with bladder abnormality either had their urinary tract re-channelled to their rectum or a bag was attached to the skin to contain the urine.
Dr Aboah told the Daily Graphic that the child was born with an abnormality in her bladder, which was partially formed as well as a severe malformation in her external genital, which was also reconstructed.
The team from IVU who visited KATH between February 1 and 7, 2007 also attended to about 40 cases of Hermaphrodites, Bladder Extrophy, Intersex, Hypospadia, Epispadia, Posterior Urethral Valves and Mayer-Rotatanski-Hauster Syndrome.
The hermaphrodites had their sex organs reconstructed.
The team also donated urology equipment valued at US$31,000 to KATH to help assist in health delivery at the hospital.
The equipment included a Uroflowmeter, Telescopes and Paediatric Cystoscope and an Artificial Spincter.
Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare, Chief Executive of the hospital expressed appreciation about the successful surgery on the bladder abnormality patient as well as the genital reconstruction feats saying the move was helping the hospital to achieve its vision of becoming a centre of excellence.
He said the hospital intended to put up a Urology Centre and that KATH would continuously collaborate with IVU to assist in the training of Urologists.
GJA chairman killed (courts and crime)

Samuel Enin's brutal murder - Police pick 1st lead - Car suspected to be have been used by assailants abandoned at Ash Town

An abandoned car at Ashanti New Town in Kumasi may provide a clue to policemen pursuing Friday’s killers of the Ashanti Regional chairman of the Ghana Journalists’ Association (GJA), Mr Samuel Enin.
Seventy-two hours into the bloody affair at Pankrono in Kumasi, the police yesterday impounded the white VW Jetta saloon car suspected to have been used by the assailants of the journalist.
As the search intensifies, a team of investigators has been dispatched from Accra to strengthen the efforts of their colleagues in Kumasi.
The vehicle with registration number AS 5598 W, was said to have been abandoned at Ashanti New Town at about 11 p.m. last Friday.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Frank Adu Poku, the Ashanti Regional Police Commander assured the Daily Graphic that efforts were being made to enable the police to make a definite decision on the vehicle.
Eyewitnesses at the shooting scene had claimed that they saw the killers flee in a white saloon car but could not identify the make or number of the vehicle.
Further to the police efforts, the administration has put up a ¢20 million reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the killers while the Member of Parliament for Old Tafo Pankrono and a Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Anthony Akoto-Osei, has offered ¢10 million.
That brings to ¢40 million the amount so far set aside for such information, the GJA having earlier on, made a pledge of ¢10 million.
DCOP Adu-Poku stated that they had put in place an effective machinery to track the killers and consequently urged the public to assist the police in that respect.
The Regional Commander, who later addressed a news conference attended by a large number of journalists wearing red bands, said three people had been questioned and released on bail.
They included Janet Boadi, the caretaker of the drinking spot where the act took place, Seth Affram and Kwadwo Fosu, who were both with Mr Enin before the murder.
Mr Adu-Poku stated that the attackers took away the mobile phones of Janet, Fosu and Elizabeth Yankey, the girlfriend of Fosu.
He refuted reports that a large amount of money belonging to Mr Enin was found at the Libra World Drinking Spot where the act took place and said this might confirm an eyewitness’ account that he saw the attackers struggle with Mr Enin over a polythene bag.
While condemning the killing in no uncertain terms, Mr Adu-Poku called on the media and the public to desist from speculations about the motive for the attack.
“It is too early to assign any reason for the killing so let us all be patient and allow the investigators to do their work without any impediment”, he added.
Among the speculations were that the journalist was murdered by thugs, was a target of perceived enemies, the killing was politically motivated, and robbery.
The regional commander further urged radio presenters to stop interviewing witnesses and friends of the late Mr Enin since it could distort police investigations.
“It may also endanger lives of compatriots since the reason for his killing is not yet established,” he said.
He asked anybody with information on the killing to call at his office.
He urged journalists in the region to feel free to do their work and have nothing to fear because the police would do everything to protect them.
On the other hand, media practitioners should also ensure some level of personal protection by being careful about where they sit and when.
Meanwhile, members of the Ashanti Regional branch of the GJA led by their Patron, Mr George Ayisi-Boateng, have visited the widow and family to console them over the death of Mr Enin, while red flags were flying at the offices of all media houses in the city.
Mr Ayisi-Boateng urged the family to take consolation in the fact that Mr Enin lived a worthy life as a journalist and gave the assurance that the association would assist the family in the organisation of a fitting funeral for the late regional chairman.
Announcing the ¢20 million police ransom, the administration asked any member of the public with information on the incident to report to the nearest Police Station or call 024-4326538 or 051-23484, reports Albert K. Salia
A statement issued by the Police Administration assured the GJA that the police would co-operate with the association to ensure the safety of journalists in the discharge of their duties.
Enin was shot in the abdomen by two gunmen at a drinking spot at Old Tafo, near the Pankrono Estate.
So far, one person, suspected to be an armed robber in the locality, has been arrested by the police.
The Deputy Inspector-General of Police in-charge of Operations, Dr K. K. Manfo, said the Police Administration attached so much importance to the matter that it would want it resolved as early as possible.
He expressed the hope that with the support of the high-powered investigation team from the CID Headquarters to the Kumasi police, who were already on the ground, the police would resolve the matter quickly.
Dr Manfo said it was too early for anyone to describe the shooting incident as an assassination.
He explained that initial reports indicated that the gunmen demanded the mobile phones of the people at the bar and it was only after they resisted that the armed men shot at the victims.
According to Dr Manfo, in such circumstances, it would be dangerous to draw the conclusion that it was an assassination.
He, therefore, urged the public to exercise circumspection in their discussions on the matter until the police completed their investigations.
Dr Manfo assured the nation and journalists in particular, that the police would do everything in their power to unmask the persons behind the dastardly act.

Samuel Enin's death

THE police in Kumasi have intensified the search for two gunmen suspected of killing the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr Samuel Enin, last Friday.
Eyewitnesses said the slain journalist was attacked by his assailants at a drinking spot at Old Tafo, near the Pankrono Estate, and shot in the abdomen. The gunmen quickly fled the scene, having snatched a number of mobile phones from some people.
No motive has yet been established for the dastardly act but in a reaction, the regional branch of the association has called on the police to widen its scope of investigations, noting that “it is an open secret to members of the GJA and other media practitioners in Kumasi and beyond that Mr Enin was interested in becoming either the Member of Parliament (MP) for Odotobri or the district chief executive for his district”, that is, Amansie Central.
“However, if the crime was committed by criminals in the course of their daily activities, the police, known very well for unravelling the mysteries surrounding murders of this nature, can do it once again,” it added.
In January, this year, Mr Enin was said to have resigned as the News Editor of Ashh FM in Kumasi, with the objective of going private.
At the time of the attack, he was said to be carrying a bag which contained a substantial amount of money but the killers took neither the bag nor the money which he had in his pocket.
Mr Enin, 39, who bled profusely from the gunshot wounds, later died at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), where he had been rushed for medical attention.
His body has since been deposited at the KATH mortuary for autopsy.
Mr Enin was said to be in the company of three people — Kojo Fosu, a driver of the radio station, Seth Afranie, a former worker of Ashh FM, and Yaa Janet, a lady friend of Kojo Fosu’s — when the incident occurred.
Fosu, who sustained some bruises in the ensuing attack by the gunmen, has since been treated and discharged from KATH.
Another person who was also at the drinking spot and identified only as Kofi also sustained some gunshot wounds on the cheek and is receiving treatment at KATH.
Kofi was sitting at a different place at the drinking spot when a stray bullet hit him on the cheek.
No arrest had been made as of the time of going to press but, according to the Ashanti Regional Police Commander, DCOP Frank Adu Poku, the police had begun investigations into the case and gave the assurance that they would definitely get to the bottom of the matter.
Fosu told the Daily Graphic that Mr Enin invited him and Seth for a drink at the Libra World Drinking Spot where they normally met after work every day.
He explained that the spot was owned by one Cindy, a former worker of Ash FM.
Fosu said after they had taken some drinks and were about to disperse, the two “killers”, who were dressed in ordinary attire and wearing caps, arrived.
According to him, the “killers” first seized Janet’s mobile phone and fired a warning shot.
He said when he enquired from them as to why they had seized the lady’s phone, a confrontation ensued and in the process the gunmen bundled him onto the floor, rendering him unconscious.
He said he did not see anything again until he was resuscitated at the hospital.
On his part, Afranie explained that he had just stepped out of their sitting place to buy food from a nearby food vendor when he heard two gunshots from where they were sitting.
He said he rushed to the place, only to see Mr Enin bleeding from the midsection, after which he helped to carry the victim to a vehicle for the hospital.
Other eyewitnesses told the Daily Graphic that they saw the killers arrive at the place in a white vehicle but they could not determine the type of vehicle.
They said they also saw the gunmen entering the drinking spot after going round the place for a while and that they saw some exchanges between the killers and another person where Mr Enin was sitting before one of them fired at Mr Enin.
According to the eyewitnesses, just after the act, the two men quickly rushed to the waiting car and fled.
Twice voted the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the GJA, Mr Enin was very instrumental in the uplift of the image of the association in the region.
A native of Jacobu in the Ashanti Region, Mr Enin was a 1991 graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).
He had stints with the Free Press newspaper where he was the Ashanti Regional correspondent, and Shaft FM, where he was the News Editor.
His voice was one of the most popular on radio in Kumasi during the mornings, being a panellist for the morning newspaper review on Ash FM. He left behind a wife and two children
Meanwhile, the Ashanti Region branch of the GJA has called on the security agencies to step up their investigative machinery and track down the perpetrators.
The association, in a statement signed by the Vice-Chairman, Nana Yaw Osei, said it had confidence in the police to pursue the criminals and bring them to justice.
“While not being pre-emptive, the Ashanti GJA urges the police to spread its investigative tentacles wider and pursue every lead which might emerge in the course of their investigations into the matter,” the statement said.
It said it wondered why somebody would want to carry out such a barbaric and beastly act on its chairman and condemned in no uncertain terms the actors behind the dastardly act.
It expressed shock and disgust at the killing of the chairman and said the Ashanti GJA was of the view that if the murder was politically motivated, then, apart from looking at the perceived political opponents of the late Mr Enin, his home constituency and district must also engage the attention of the police.
“It could have been done by anybody,” the statement said.
Meanwhile, the killing of the Ashanti Regional GJA chairman has received widespread condemnation from members of the public in Kumasi who expressed concern about security for journalists.