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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


LAST Friday the Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr Samuel Enin, was callously shot and killed under inexplicable circumstances in Kumasi.
We are not sure of what might have prompted the perpetrators of the heinous crime to do it and we do not want to believe that it is because of his work as a journalist that might have offended someone who decided to take a revenge on him.
Even though indications are that Enin had political ambitions and wanted to become a District Chief Executive or Member of Parliament for his constituency, we do not think that should be grounds for his murder. As a Ghanaian, Enin had an inalienable right to stand or contest any public office for which he qualified.
We do not want to jump to any conclusion but we join the Ashanti regional branch of the GJA in calling for a speedy investigation into the cause of the dastardly act.
Journalists by their work are expected to expose ills in society and inform the public about events that take place every day.
We are servants of the people and we exercise our function to serve as a bridge between rulers and the ruled and in the discharge of their duties , they might step on the toes of some other people.
Assuming that Enin did that, it was expected that the offender would resort to the options available and allow the rule of law to take its course.
Journalists should not lose their lives because their assailants have the power to do that. Intolerance should not blind any right thinking people to the extent that they would want to take the life of any one who might disagree with us on any issue.
We must have big hearts to absorb some of the unpalatable things others may say about us. But when we feel strongly about any baseless and disparaging remark that anybody might have made against us, we do not have to take the law into our hands and kill the person.
It is important that our compatriots come to appreciate that we are not in a jungle but live in a period where the rule of law allows the institutions to work.
We are confident that the police would rise up to the occasion and bring the murderers to book because journalists do not want to be targeted and murdered by miscreants and deviants.
We express our profound condolence to the bereaved family of Enin at this time when they are going through a lot of pain.

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adomako said...

really sad and very painful for the whole family, killed for nothing hope ghana police take serious action and keep our GJ'S safe