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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Construction works on railways pedestrian bridge in Kumasi resume

Construction works on the pedestrian footbridge at the railways area in Kumasi, which formed part of the Asafo Market-UTC interchange project has resumed.
The footbridge is to link the Roman Hill area to Adum in the central business district of Kumasi across the railway station.
A new contractor, High Brains Limited has won the bid to take over the construction of the pedestrian footbridge which was suspended by Sarroch Gelfi JV, the contractors that executed works on the Asafo interchange.
High Brains has consequently commenced works on the bridge pending a formal award so as to help avert further delay of the completion of the project.
The Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr Joe Gidisu has since inspected the works done so far by High Brains and has expressed appreciation about the works.
As part of the road sector development programme, the government obtained a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of construction of the Asafo Market-UTC interchange in Kumasi.
The project involved the construction of two railway overpass bridges and an interchange with four ramps, improvement of some local roads and the provision of a pedestrian footbridge and traffic management facilities.
On January 2004 a contract was signed between the Government of Ghana and Messrs Sarroch Gelfi JV (the contractor) for the execution of the works.
On November 9, 2007 the project was less the pedestrian bridge commissioned by former President John Agyekum Kufuor.
The contractor had programmed to complete the construction of the footbridge by end of March 2008 however on November 15, 2007 the contractor informed the Engineer that he was suspending works due to delay in payment of some of the outstanding payment certificates.
Information gathered indicated that the contractor was advised against suspension of works and was informed that efforts were being made to get the World Bank to have the outstanding certificates settled but the contractor did not rescind his decision to suspend works and went further to terminate the contract on November 30, 2007.
The percentage of work completed on the footbridge at the time of termination, according to information by the Kumasi Metropolitan Urban Roads Department was about 50percent.
The components for the bridge were in the country and were on site and to help avoid pilfering of the components and damaging, the government then decided to have the bridge completed as a matter of urgency.
Therefore the project was advertised for invitation of eligible contractors interested in the undertaking the outstanding works and High Brains Limited won the bid.
Nana Yaw Kissi, Chief Executive Officer of High Brains said works were expected to be completed by the end of 2009.
He said market women who paraded their trading activities at the railways area had taken over the site when works started and had created a lot of filth in the area.
He said a total of about 700 meter cube of filth were evacuated from the site.
At the time of the Minister’s visit, it was observed that the steel bolts and nuts which were used on galvanise had started rusting.
Nana Kissi explained that he was going to replace the steel bolts and nuts with galvanised ones.
High Brains Limited was the contractors that excellently and perfectly recently rehabilitated the Adomi Bridge.