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Monday, February 21, 2011

Police avert clash between Muslim sects

The Police were on Friday called in to curb a bloody clash between the Al Sunna and Tijanniya Muslim sects at Aboabo in Kumasi.
The two Muslim sects are generally not good bedfellows and there have been records of bloody clashes between them in the past over differences in their religious belief.
Last Friday’s incident was said to have been ignited by a demeaning comment which some members of the Al Sunna were said to have made about a deceased Imam of the Tijanniya sect.
Members of the Tijanniya claimed they overheard members of the Al Sunna passed the demeaning comment whilst on their way to the cemetery to bury the deceased Imam last Tuesday.
Tempers flared up and they were said to have armed and organised themselves to attack each other during Friday’s congregational prayers but the police were called in to curb a breach of the peace in the area.
DSP Nana Kumi, Police Commander of the Asawasi Division told the Daily Graphic their response was timely and that there were no injuries to any of the parties.
When the Daily Graphic visited the scene police personnel deployed to the area were patrolling whilst the Al Sunna were in the mosque worshipping.
The police had to remain at post whilst both sides congregated for Friday prayers.
Tempers were high at the densely populated Islamic community at Aboabo where the two sects have their mosques.
DSP Nana Kumi assured that the police were in control of the situation.

There had been a long standing rift between the two Muslim sects and according to Islamic scholars, the Al Sunna refers to the strict adherence to the teachings and practices of the Holy Prophet Mohammed whereas the Tijjaniyas have besides, the five cannons of Islam certain optional practices those dubbed Al Sunnas condemn such additions as not conforming to the strict practice of the religion.
The Tijjaniyas also recognise certain Islamic personalities whom they regard as saints. The disagreement has often resulted in bloody clashes both in Ghana and Nigeria.