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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ANOTHER fatal accident in the Ashanti Region, Ghana

ANOTHER fatal accident in the Ashanti Region within two weeks, once again involving 207 Mercedes Benz passenger buses, has claimed fourteen lives on the spot at Kwadwo Kwapia on the Obuasi - Dunkwa-on-Offin.Eighteen others received various degrees of injuries some very serious.Both the dead and the injured were sent to the Government Hospital at Dunkwa-On-Offin.The accident occurred last Friday when both vehicles were said to be speeding on the road. The accident came at a time accidents involving Mercedez 207 buses had become a source of concern to both the police and other concerned groups and individuals.Just around Easter 14 people were killed at Dadieso on the Accra-Kumasi road, apart from other minor accidents.Police report on the Kwadwo Kwapia accident was not detailed enough.However, eyewitnesses said one of the vehicles, which was bound for Tarkwa tried to overtake another resulting in the head-on collision.According to the eyewitnesses, people within the area of the accident constituted themselves into rescue teams to help remove the dead and injured from the wreckage before sending them to Dunkwa.Among the dead were the drivers of both vehicles.Police named the deceased drivers as Kwasi Owusu and Emmanuel Teye.The identities of the 12 others who were killed in the accident as well as the injured were not immediately known.Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) James Sarfo-Peprah, the Commanding Officer of the Police Motor Traffic and Transport Unit of the Ghana Police, who briefed the Daily Graphic today said Owusu was driving the vehicle with registration number AS 5731 W, from Kumasi to Tarkwa while Teye was using the bus with registration number AS 3508 W from Tarkwa to Kumasi.On reaching a section of the road near Kwadwo Kwapia the two vehicles collided killing the 14 on the spot.

NIGHT life in Kumasi is dying

SOMETHING is happening in Kumasi before the eyes of all residents, and which is a huge eyesore but very few people seem to talk about it.
It looks like nobody not even the city authorities care about the malfunctioning of streets lights in the metropolis as virtual darkness engulf the streets in the night.
Clearly one of the factors that go into making life in a community especially in the city interesting and worth living is the availability of electric power on the streets.
Street lighting goes to bring life to the community and check crime among other benefits .
Without power many activities cannot go on effectively and the residents and visitors would be the eventual losers.
Quite disturbingly Kumasi is gradually being driven into this situation and the big question is why the authorities look on unconcerned as the situation worsens day after day.
Just take a drive in the city in the night and you will realize the sort of mess that Kumasi finds itself.
The first time visitor to the Garden City in the night would definitely be dumbfounded.
I recently overhead two gentlemen discussing the way night life in Kumasi gad gone dead.
They alluded the situation to a number of reasons including armed robbery and poor lighting system on the streets among others.