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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Abrantie, others win Kumasi for Valentine

The weather men predicted correctly that it was going to rain in Kumasi on Saint Valentine’s Day but that did not deter lovers of highlife music from defying the downpour to enjoy the night.
It was the successive umpteenth time since 2004, where rains had miraculously disrupted outdoor events to commemorate the chocolate day in Kumasi.
But with Abrantie Amakye Dede and his Apollo Hikings Band performing live at the Miklin Hotel, there was no way patrons would have allowed the rains to disrupt the super fantastic showmanship exhibited by one of the leading practitioners of highlife music in Ghana. They danced amidst light rain.
Earlier on Saturday, in what was termed as a Pre-Valentine Highlife Concert, five music heavy weights in the persons of George Darko, A. B. Crentsil, Pat Thomas, Gyedu Blay Ambulley and Dr Paa Bobo were on stage in a similar splendid performance at the True Vine Hotel.
The organisers of the pre-Valentine show had wanted to be smart in avoiding the recent usual downpour on February 14, but they were not spared. The rains equally disrupted the show but patrons equally defied it to enjoy the night. Both the elderly and young folks danced their hearts out in light rain.
Kumasi had not witnessed such fine highlife concerts in a long time and as public enthusiasm had been raised prior to the shows, not even the rains could deter people from trooping to the various concerts.
On Monday the rains began in certain areas in the metropolis at 4pm. At 8pm the Miklin Hotel area was experiencing a downpour and some patrons who had already arrived at the venue had to run for cover under canopies and in parked vehicles.
Dramatically, the intermittent rains did not scare the enthusiastic patrons who had to rush in and out of their cover.
Everyone waited patiently till 11pm when Kofi Nti, K. K. Fosu and Kwesi Pee took turns to warm the stage for Abrantie.
Amakaye Dede in a red suit was “seriously” good after midnight when he mounted the stage and started to hit his audience with one song after another and for much of the time that he was on his feet many among those who had come to enjoy the show were on their feet with him as it continued to drizzle.
For over two hours Abrantie who has a very long time not performed to such an audience in Oseikrom showed his class as a musician who deserves a tag more than the praise he has received over the span of his illustrious career.
He lovingly interspersed each song with his famous phrase, “Yie-e-e-e-e!!! se-e-e-r-r-i-i-o-o-u-u-s-s!!!” and his trademark dance of squat-jump.
For the entire period he unleashed familiar songs like Dabi Dabi, Sokoo Na Mmaa Pe, Kose Kose, Bebrebe Yi', M’ani Agyina, Mma Wo Were Mfi, Me Monfa Nto Me So, Handkerchief, Seniwa, To Be A Man Na War, Mensuro, Broken Promises, Nsuo Amuna, Mefre Wo, Okyena Sesei, Odo Nfonii, Iron Boy, Odo Kasa, Nka Akyi just to mention a few.
Amakye Dede’s concert was organised by Red and White Consult in collaboration with Bebeto Industries Limited.
The pre-valentine highlife concert organised by Nhyira FM in collaboration with True Vine Hotel was equally well attended.
Pat Thomas, Dr Paa Bobo, A.B. Crentsil, Gyedu Blay Ambulley and George Darko thrilled patrons with songs from yesteryears which inspired both old and new generations.
Pat Thomas was first on stage and after about 45minutes, he handed the baton to Gyedu Blay.
As usual Gyedu Blay was at his usual best doing his break dancing, back and side paddling. It was a delight watching him do his own thing.
As if that was not enough, A.B. Crentsil as usual had his dondo under his armpit. Songs like Atia, Moses, Juliana, Angelina and the likes flowed freely and vibrated the audience.
In a white apparel with red jacket on top, Dr Paa Bobo unleashed “osrobrokyee” and the likes.
George Darko, the master brain behind the show was last on stage. With his guitar, he rocked the stage and sent patrons to shake the dance floor.
Both concerts ended around 3am and indeed everyone looked delighted and wished to have more of such concerts in Kumasi.