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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello!, Bobie on air

This guy is prolific in the Akan language. He is the anchor of Akan news at Hello FM in Kumasi and above all very humorous on air.
He calls himself Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah and in all sincerity, he is unquestionably one of the finest twi news casters and presenters on the airwaves in the Ashanti region.
He is an amusing presenter Kumasi has known in recent years.
He works with Hello FM and aside twi news cast, he is the stop gap morning show host when the main anchor man, Tweneboa Kodua (TK) is not around.
He also host Saturday morning’s political talk show ”Akoko Abon” which is aired on Hello FM in Kumasi and Peace FM in Accra and all other affiliate stations of Peace FM.
Bobie, studied Akan langauge in school at the ‘O’ Levels but says that has no bearing with his proficiency in the language.
“I see it as my mother tongue and the vocabulary flows on my lips as soon as I sit behind the microphone”, he said in an interview with the Graphic Showbiz in Kumasi.
“I sometimes find it very difficult to understand some of the words I use on air when I sit down to reflect over them after listening to myself on tape but surprisingly, upon consultations, I get to realise that those fit perfectly”.
Undoubtedly, he has been able to use his frolics, comedy and his flowery Akan language to pull many listeners to Hello FM, ever since he joined the station from Peace FM.
He has been instrumental in making Hello Akan news one of the most listened to in Kumasi and the entire coverage area.
But some people object vehemently to his usage of proverbs in news items, playing with words on air and thinks he embellishes news items a lot when presenting them.
Responding to that, Bobie said he appreciates criticisms very much, since it helps to straighten up peoples’ lives.
“I am happy listeners have been pointing out my mistakes to me and I appreciate that so much”.
He claims he was inspired by Komla Dumlor’s style of radio presentation which attracted him to enter the radio business.
“I felt there was something missing in peoples’ social lives and felt the urge to be on air to help them fill that vacuum”.
He entered the radio industry in year 2000 at Mighty FM at Asante Mampong as a gospel presenter, where he played music and conducted religious morning devotions on air.
He worked for one year and moved to Meridian FM in Tema, where he worked for only eight months and moved back to Mighty FM at Mampong.
He was poached by Luv FM in Kumasi in 2004 where he worked for two years and moved on to Peace FM/Hello FM in 2006.
Bobie holds a Diploma in Theology from the Shiloh Bible College in Kumasi. He spent his entire childhood days at Asante Mampong, his hometown where he schooled.
His ambition is to seek peace for all humanity which he claims had culminated in his formation of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Ghana Youth for Peace Association.
Kwabena feels many private radio station owners especially in Kumasi have not been doing much for their workers in terms of in house training and that is one of the things he would prefer to be changed.

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Bryce said...

Wow, Bobie sounds like quite the guy!

Here's a great web resource in Akan that you might find helpful:

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