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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New lorry park at North Patasi

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has planned to construct a new lorry park at North Patasi near the Parks and Gardens offices in Kumasi.
The move, according to the KMA forms part of a general effort at creating satellite lorry terminals and markets with the intention of decongesting the Kejetia lorry terminal in the central business district (CBD) of the metropolis.
Mr Samuel Sarpong, Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive who made this known said the assembly had initiated negotiations with stakeholders and maintained that the talks were far advanced for the project to take off.
Addressing members of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce in Kumasi on the effects of the decongestion exercise on commercial activities in the metropolis, Mr Sarpong said the traffic congestion problem at Kejetia was very unbearable, hence the need to create alternative lorry parks.
The Mayor said there was no proper demarcation as “in” and “out” at Kejetia hence the confusion among motorists.
“I have given the urban roads department an ultimatum to urgently demarcate an “in” and “out” at the entrance to help mitigate the problem”.
Mr Sarpong cautioned owners of container shops dotted along principal streets in the metropolis and asked them to remove them as the demolishing team would soon extend their operations to the principal streets.
He made particular reference to the Ahodwo roundabout area near the BNI offices where he said container shops were gradually filling up the entire place.
He expressed gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce for offering him the opportunity to explain the essence of the decongestive exercise in the central business district and added that measures were being instituted to ensure that commercial activities in the central business area were successful.
Mr Sarpong said prior to the decongestion exercise traders had taken over all the walkway and pavements in the CBD doing brisk business activities in the area with some even selling food on the road meant for vehicular transport.
He said the menace were militating against commercial activities hence the need to introduce the decongestive exercise.
“Many were those who thought the entire exercise was a fluke when we started the operation. We are aware that it has created inconveniences for people but we plead with them to bear with us since the whole exercise is a necessary evil”.
He called for suggestions from the public on ways to ensure that the entire exercise became successful.
The Mayor said congestion in the CBD created compounded traffic situation coupled with anti-social vices like pick pocketing, excessive generation of refuse which made the city unattractive but said frantic efforts made over the years for a similar decongestion exercise proved futile.
He said since the inception of the exercise, conditions have improved tremendously in the CBD for free vehicular and pedestrian movement and reduction of anti-social vices.
Mr Sarpong said the assembly has instituted structures to ensure smooth running of the exercise and that a supervisory team has been tasked to oversee it.
He said even though the exercise was faced with a myriad of challenges which threaten the effectiveness and sustainability, the KMA was still committed to ensuring its sustainability.
He said many people have hailed the exercise and some companies have even pledged to provide logistical support for the team.
He called for support from the Chamber of Commerce to ensure the success of the exercise since it is to their advantage in the long run.

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