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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Asafo bus terminal turns into market

Apart from the issue of decongesting the central business district of Kumasi to rid the streets of hawkers, the Asafo Market bus terminal should also engage the attention of whoever is appointed Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive in President J.E.A. Mills’ administration.
Ideally the station has been reserved for long journey vehicles but members of the various transport associations have been turning their transport sheds and offices into trading stores.
Already, the station seems not to be big enough to accommodate the myriad of long journey vehicles that parade their trade in the area.
A further turning of the area into trading stores is likely to further compound the congestion problem at the area.
The various transport associations have been turning their wooden office structures into stores under the guise of constructing concrete sheds for their vehicles but some have ended up creating stores.
Unlike the Neoplan Station members and the Takoradi-Elubo branch members who have neatly constructed sheds under which buses are able to park and load with office accommodation at the top floors of their structures, others are turning theirs into mere trading stores.
The areas demarcated for Konongo, Agogo, Mankessim and Koforidua vehicles as stations have already been converted into trading stores.
Last October, Ms Patricia Appiagyei, former Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive visited the area with the intention of stopping the projects since the developers do not have building permits.
The Chief Executive ordered for the projects to be discontinued but that did not yield any positive results.
One of such projects have just been completed and traders as well as some banks have commenced business activities in the buildings.
The irony of the situation is that the customers of those traders and the banks as well as the other transport associations who hitherto would have parked at the lorry terminal are now parking on the roads to load thereby creating congestion in the area.
As the situation pertains now, there are no development plans for the projects going on in the area thus contributing to the congestion in the area.
Many of the vehicles have been forced to abandon the station and to park on the roads in the surrounding areas thereby turning dual carriage lanes in the area into single ones and contributing to congestion in the area.
The newly constructed road behind the Asafo Market that links the Asafo Interchange has also been turned into a parking lot thereby further creating congestion in the area.
Big buses which are unable to find parking spaces at the terminal have turned the entire Asafo vicinity into parking lanes.
Apart from parking on the roads over night and during the day, the drivers have also turned the roads into car washing bays, thereby threatening the lifespan of the roads.
It would therefore be prudent for a new Kumasi Metropolitan Chief Executive to focus attention at the area so as to ensure that sanity prevails there.

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